You’re never too old for adventure

These are the years that all our campers find themselves anticipating. Voyagers and Leaders-in-Training alike have the best summers of their lives. From exciting trips to empowering projects, they imbibe the greatest experiences Island Quest has to offer.

Enjoy the unique choice-based magic of Island Quest with all the freedom every child ever dreamed of!


Grades 7-10


Ages 14-15


Grades 7-10

Voyagers experience a whirlwind of adventures combining local and overnight trips to popular destinations with all of the excitement of camp. Throughout thrilling community-based learning and personalized journeys, our voyagers have the opportunity to both enjoy immersive camp-based activities and explore exciting new destinations.

Voyager activities

When they are not traveling, they’re climbing through the tree canopy, testing their skills on the ninja warrior course, mastering their handle on the basketball court, or building a guitar in wood-working, and more.

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Voyager Trips

Voyagers are awarded the opportunity to explore local sites from beaches to amusement parks to sporting events. They also enjoy adventures like white water rafting, club Getaway— an extended 5 day trip— and a memorable overnight at our campgrounds.

(Transportation for overnight trips is on premier coach buses. Campers stay in accommodations such as college dorms, hotels, and local JCCs depending on where the journey takes us. All meals are included in all overnight trips.)

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Ages 14-15

Our LIT initiative is a hybrid program where excitement meets fulfillment. Our teens not only enjoy adventures and activities, but also lead them! LIT’s take on new responsibilities as they take part in the fun with friends, gaining valuable leadership and planning skills along the way.

Learn to lead

LIT’s both enjoy activities and bring others to enjoy them as well. Every day, they’re given the opportunity to assist in leading Explorers on their daily adventures, when they’re not on adventures of their own, planning something amazing, or enjoying their free time.

Make a difference in the world

LIT’s identify causes, in which they’re individually and collectively interested. Then, they work together with our professionals to determine how they can contribute, and lead projects that enhance the camp or better the community, such as a camp beautification project.

Embark on exclusive LIT adventures

Beyond additional recreational time, LIT’s enjoy the ability to choose a different unique Island Quest exploration every day. Each week, LIT’s take on new exercises as a team to fuel their ability to work together, and each summer, they are privileged to experience different unique programs that no other group in camp partakes in.

Map out special program experiences

LIT’s ideate, plan, and execute special programs and activities like carnivals for campers in all other programs. From the training to the programming experience, LIT’s gain useful life subjects such as SMART goals, valuable coordination skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

LIT Program Includes:

  • Orientation/Pre-Camp Training
  • Swim and Recreational Time
  • Choice of Island Quest Adventures
  • Practical experience working with kids
  • Community Service Projects
  • Team-building activities
  • Exclusive LIT Experiences

This is where leaders are made

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More than counselors— we are
educators, adventurers, and friends.

The Voyager and LIT administrative staff and counselors are chosen for their unique ability to connect with teenagers and contribute to their greatest experiences. Many are educators and social workers, who have the knowledge and expertise to provide children with mature guidance, growth opportunities, meaningful relationships, as well as supervision.

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Their experiences speak for themselves

“I loved working with the younger kids at camp and getting to help them enjoy their summer. I liked being able to help them build with blocks and do art projects. It's great to feel like I am making a difference and to be needed.”

Kyla VincentLIT and current 11th grader

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