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Our Ninja Warrior Course is a place of unparalleled challenge, competition, and fun, where parkour meets rock climbing and martial arts-oriented gymnastics. Whether our newborn Ninja Warriors are swinging from one platform to the next or climbing over an obstacle, they’ll test and enhance their speed, strength, and balance. The course includes a variety of exciting structures with varying levels of difficulty so that campers of different skill levels can all take part in the adventure. 


Our new Parkour Playground is a high energy setting that presents children with a rare chance to master their spatial awareness and enhance their agility, as they enjoy excitement that they won’t find anywhere else. Beyond the running and jumping, campers learn to vault over walls and do extraordinary tricks in a specially made safe environment, built for special skill development and unmatched adventure.


In Nature Crafts, children learn to transform the world around them into art. As they craft new projects, they’ll gain a new appreciation for the Earth, and learn to see the world differently. While others might pay little attention to the sticks, stones, and pinecones that surround them, those who Seek recognize the components of nature as the beauties they are and the beauty they can be— when put together to create Nature Crafts.


From delightful plants to delicious fruits and vegetables, our campers enjoy the sight and taste of the greatness they create in Gardening. The practice is more than an enjoyable activity; it’s a useful skill that everyone can benefit from. Without ever leaving the campgrounds, they gain valuable firsthand experience in floriculture and agriculture and a newfound understanding of the age-old arts.


Our campers explore the very 375-acre campgrounds that hikers have for generations. Every hike is a thrilling adventure in itself, but because beyond hiking, our children experience Orienteering. They enjoy the opportunity to learn how to read maps, utilize a compass, and navigate unfamiliar terrains at great speed. The challenge adds to the fun, and our newborn orieteerers exercise their mind as well as their body along the journey.


Adventure Park consists of a selection of different “aerial trails” up in the trees of a forest. Our campers carefully navigate from one tree platform to another. Children cross along challenge bridges of cable wood and rope, as well as zip lines, as they go. The trails are color-coded according to difficulty, ranging from introductory to advanced, so there is a suitable challenge for climbers of every age and skill set.


In Outdoor Cooking, our campers are given the opportunity to enjoy the culinary creations they make over a campfire. They explore the culture and significance of countless cooking methods that will unquestionably come in handy at home as well as on a campsite. From s’mores to pita bread to hot dogs, campers appreciate eating in the great outdoors.


Embark on adventures no other camp offers!

Whether you’re swinging through arial trails in Adventure Park, learning to achieve impossible feats in our parkour playground, or tackling the wilderness obstacle course, you’ll experience excitement you won’t find anywhere else, and learn about yourself as well as the world around you.

Test your skills on thrilling trips!

Travel off-site, enter the woods, and explore a range of trails to test your newly honed skills in the real world. Whether you’re building a shelter, cooking over an open fire with friends, or navigating the forest, you’ll see firsthand how to make the most of the resources around you and survive in the wilderness.

Get to know nature like never before!

A sense of responsibility begins with a level of understanding. Grow an appreciation of the environment as you grow the most beautiful flowers in Gardening, and transform nature into creative projects in Nature Crafts. Learn the importance of protecting the planet for the future through recycling and environmental education.

Make lifelong friends over lifetime experiences!

Hike together. Cook together. Grow together. It takes teamwork as well as independent thinking to take on the wilderness. Bond with fellow campers along every journey upon which you embark. Learn how to collaborate to overcome challenges as well as how to climb to success all on your own.

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Parkour Playground

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Their experiences speak for themselves

I was super nervous day one but the counselors were so great and I was in a group of kids that I made best friends with. I loved the Gaga game, the Rock climbing, the hiking, the crafts and special Friday’s and the pool. We even got to do archery. I never knew a camp like this before and I told my parents I want to come here forever. I had the best summer of my life.

GabyAge 8

I love the bungee trampoline, tower climb and having fun with all my friends.

DrewAge 6

I used to be afraid of heights but the adventure park is so much fun! The zip-line is my favorite and I can't wait to play in the new parkour playground next summer!

RubyAge 10

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