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There’s a world of creativity and technology to conquer. Our Innovate program integrates art and science to match and exceed your imagination.

Featured Activities

Makerspace has everything you need to make anything you like.

Experience Makerspace, a workshop with all the materials and tools a child could imagine, from hammers to lasers and everything in between. Use cardboard, wood, legos, fabrics, repurposed materials, and whatever else you need to bring your ideas to life.

Build as big as you can dream in our Imagination Playground.

Rule over a castle. Speed around in a race car. Take off on a rocket ship. Expand your world as you create new ones with our transformative block-based play system. Use specially designed, interconnecting pieces to form any structure you can imagine.

Combine your passions, create your Art-botics.

Bring your passions together as you craft recycled art and build advanced robotics. Become an artist, a scientist, and a creator of Art-botics. Put creativity into coding, fun into recycling, and a different form of excitement into the camp environment.

Take your art into another dimension.

Take on the 3D Art projects that many young artists have never experienced before. Take your creativity off the paper and into the real world with mosaic building, clay construction, jewelry making and more next-level crafts.

Turn the world around you into something new, at Build it!

Welcome to Build it! where we’re taught to recognize the ideas all around us. Find whatever you can to build whatever you choose. Search through nature for resources and items you can repurpose to build the most unique creations.

Bring your boldest ideas to your screen, in Digital Arts!

Explore the realm of filmmaking and stop motion animation. Tell your stories like never before with newfound Digital Arts skills. Share your vision through video production. Make long lasting memories as you make your very first movies.

Explore science in the kitchen as you master the Culinary Arts!

Cooking and baking is both an art and a science, but most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious— and in Culinary Arts, you get to eat what you make! Design the most beautiful delights, transform your ingredients into the tastiest treats, and enjoy the delicious results!

Listen to the beat. Feel the rhythm. Create the music.

And touch people’s hearts through their ears. Along the artistic journey, you’ll learn valuable techniquesstrengthen confidence levels and experience an expressive new world in an exceptionally diverse creative industry. Begin to master the increasingly popular and powerful art form of DJing.  

Awe audiences. Read minds. Make objects float in midair—or disappear before our very eyes.

Enter the mesmerising world of magic where the unthinkable is achievable. As you master tricks, you’ll gain more than new talents. Enhance your communication and presentation skills in a highly supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on creative thinking.

As Exceptional As Every Child

Explore the Imagination Playground. Build your very first robot. Gain skills that nowhere else can offer— and create art that can only be described as extraordinary. We believe that every child is different, but each has the capacity for greatness. That’s why we built the Innovate program with endless options, limitless possibilities, and special activities as unique as you.  

Where Passions Become Possible

There’s no better place to explore your dreams. This is where Artists, Chefs, Film makers, Magicians, DJ’s, and simply great minds are born. It’s not just a place of unparalleled excitement, it’s a space for exceptional skill development and self discovery. Find the joys you love most and develop the talents that make you who you are.

Today’s Creativity, Tomorrow’s Innovation

The experience won’t end at the end of the summer, and it’ll make a difference for more than you alone. Because in our Innovate program, you learn to make a difference for others. Beyond creations that just make you smile, you also have the chance to design inventions that actually solve real life problems. Gain the freedom and knowledge to truly innovate the world.

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Their experiences speak for themselves

“Do you know how to make a robot on your computer? I do and I told my friends how too! Learning is sooo much fun at camp!”

XavierAge 7

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