Our Covid-19 Response


The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at Island Quest Day Camp. Given the ongoing situation surrounding the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, we will continue to review and update our health-related plans and procedures.

Using the experience we gained operating during the Summer of 2021, we will continue to offer children and families a safe and fun environment through which they can reconnect with the magic of camp.

Frequently Asked Health Questions:

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions based on the guidance we have received from the American Camp Association (ACA), the CDC, and local and state health departments. The situation is fluid and therefore, procedures and processes are subject to change as we continue to receive advice based on the latest information available from federal and state agencies.

What will my child’s camp experience be like?

Our goal is to have each camper enjoy five periods of engaging camp-themed activities ranging from art to sports to music and theater, swim (pending DOH clearance), lunch & snack, with a mix of programs taking advantage of our indoor/outdoor resources. We will be modifying activities as needed to meet the appropriate CDC and DOH guidelines. Camp activities will happen primarily within camper groups. Each group will have well-trained, experienced staff to care for our campers and ensure their safety and fun time.

Will there be bus transportation?

Yes, we will be able to safely offer transportation with strict social distancing rules followed on our busses. Families will also have the option to drop-off and pick-up their children.

What sanitary procedures will be followed at camp?

This summer we will continue to maintain the increased cleaning and disinfection protocols as we have consistently been implementing at our agency centers. This includes scheduled cleaning and disinfection of each bathroom multiple times a day. Staff will also be responsible for cleaning and disinfection of all activity areas, equipment, and supplies between each group. There will be designated activity supplies for each group’s exclusive use.

We will also be using EPA-approved soaps and sanitizers, and we will enforce mandatory hand washing and sanitizing protocol for all campers and staff throughout the camp day, between each activity period, as well as before and after meals/snacks.

How will you practice effective social distancing at camp?

According to the best practices listed by the ACA and CDC, while remaining in compliance with our required staffing ratio, we will be limiting our camper group size and creating age-appropriate cohorts. Staff within each group will be the only staff members that will come into direct contact with children in their group each day. Each group will travel around camp following the specific camp route planned to enable minimal group crossover.

Given our unique situation this summer, we will not be able to have a full camp or divisional activities.

Are you implementing additional health screenings prior to camp?

In an effort to minimize illness at camp we will be requiring that all families complete a pre-camp health screening form. Families will be asked to perform daily health checks beginning 14 days from the child’s first day of camp and will be required to submit a health log on your camper’s first day.

How will you monitor camper health while at camp?

We will have daily camper and staff arrival symptom screenings and temperature checks at each of our camp locations. Health monitoring will also take place throughout the camp day as each facility will have a medical professional on-site.

How will lunch & snacks be served at camp?

Island Quest Day Camp will continue to provide all campers with daily kosher lunch and snacks. Hand washing & proper sanitizing will be required for everyone before and after each meal and throughout the day. Limited seating will be enforced per table and campers will eat with their designated group.

What if a camper or staff shows COVID symptoms while at camp?

Campers or staff with possible COVID-19 symptoms will be directed to a quarantine area where they will be assessed and monitored by a medical professional while awaiting dismissal. Persons sent home due to COVID-19 infection may return to camp when they provide a negative COVID-19 test AND all symptoms have resolved in accordance with the current Department of Health and CDC regulations.